Repair of platform electronic scales Scale SKI 12

Repair of platform electronic scales Scale  SKI 12
12 May, 2023

Repair of platform electronic scales Scale SKP with a weight indicator SKI12

In modern business, platform scales are an integral part of work in many industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, trade and others. Reliability and measurement accuracy are key factors for efficient operation. However, sometimes the balance may fail or require maintenance.

The organization "Remont Scales" provides professional services for the diagnosis and repair of platform scales of the Scale SKP brand with the SKI12 terminal. We are aware that in some cases it is inconvenient or impossible to deliver scales to a service center, especially if they are large. Therefore, we offer the departure of our experienced master to the place where the scales are located, for diagnostics and repairs directly on the spot.

Our organization "Repair of Scales" has many years of experience with Scale platform scales and the SKI12 terminal, and our highly qualified craftsmen have deep knowledge and practical skills in the field of repair of weighing equipment.

The on-site diagnostic and repair process includes the following steps:

1. Consultation and organization of departure

Contact us to discuss a problem with your Scale UPC and SKI12 terminal. Our representative will discuss the details with you, calculate the cost of departure, the estimated cost of repairs and clarify the necessary information to organize the departure of the master to the place where the scales are located.

2. Departure of the master

Our experienced master will come to the place where the scales are located at a convenient time for you. It will be equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for diagnosing and repairing scales.

3. Diagnostics

The master will conduct a thorough diagnostics of the Scale SKP platform scales and the SKI12 terminal using specialized tools and technical means. He will check the functionality and performance of the balance, as well as identify possible malfunctions or defects. Will load the weighing platform with reference weights to identify the error.

4. Repair of Scale platform scales with SKI12 terminal

After the diagnosis, the master will determine the necessary amount of repair work. If possible, he will immediately begin correcting identified problems on the spot. In case of complex breakdowns or requiring specialized equipment, it may be necessary to transport the balance to our service center. In this case, the master will provide you with detailed information about the repair process, the cost and time required to complete the work.

5. Testing and calibration of Scale platform scales with SKI12 terminal

After the repair work is completed, the master will test the scales to check their performance and measurement accuracy. If necessary, the balance will be calibrated using the appropriate standards and procedures.

6. Verification of Scale platform scales with SKI12 terminal

After performing repair work in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, it is recommended to calibrate the Scale SKP platform scales with the SKI12 terminal. Verification confirms that electronic scales comply with the requirements of metrological standards.

Our company "Repair Scales" offers services for the verification of platform scales. We cooperate with accredited organizations and have the opportunity to carry out verification using the relevant standards and methods.

Verification of scales is carried out using standard weights and specialized equipment. It includes checking the accuracy of measurements on various weight ranges, as well as assessing other parameters that affect the performance and reliability of weighing equipment.

However, the need for verification after repair remains at the discretion of the customer. If you are interested in carrying out verification, please inform our master. We will provide you with detailed information about the verification process, including the cost and time required to complete it.

7. Warranty

We provide a warranty on our repairs to give you confidence in the quality and reliability of our services.

We strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, therefore we offer a wide range of services, including both repair and verification of platform scales. Contact us to discuss your needs and request the necessary services.

SCALE platform scales have various modifications and models designed for different weighing limits.

Platform scales SKEY (Scale) SKT are designed with built-in entrance ramps with dimensions of 1000 * 1000 * 90 and the largest weighing limits from 500 kg to 5000 kg, basic equipment with the SKI12 terminal, but at the request of the client they can be equipped with terminals manufactured by CAS, for example CI200A, CI201A, CI2001 and etc.

  Scales platform SKEY (Scale) SKP (N) with a moisture-proof platform made of stainless steel with dimensions 1000 * 1000 * 90 to 1500 * 1500 * 90 and the largest limits of weighing from 500 kg to 2000 kg basic equipment with a terminal made of stainless steel SKI12 (N) and strain gauges CAS BSS, if desired, can be equipped with any terminal manufactured by CAS from stock.

Scales platform SKEYL (Scale) SKP with dimensions 1000*1000*90 to 1500*2000*90 and the largest limits of weighing from 500kg to 3000kg basic complete set with the SKI12 terminal, design abilities allow to install any weighing terminal according to the certificate of conformity.

  Scales with a U-shaped platform SKEY (Scale) SKU with dimensions of 800 * 1200 * 70 and the largest limits of weighing from 500 kg to 5000 kg basic equipment with the SKI12 terminal, design capabilities allow you to install any weight terminal according to the certificate of conformity.

Beam scales SKEYL (Scale) SKB with dimensions 100 * 1200 * 70 and the largest limits of weighing from 500 kg to 5000 kg basic equipment with the SKI12 terminal, design capabilities allow you to install any weight terminal according to the certificate of conformity.

All platform, warehouse, floor, U-shaped, beam electronic scales work on the same principle and are made from the same components.

What are Scale platform scales made of?

Scale platform scales (SKEYL) are reliable and accurate equipment for weighing various goods. They consist of several main components that ensure their functionality and performance. Here are the main components that make up the Scale platform scale:

1) Weighing indicator (terminal): Weighing indicator, such as SKI12 or other models manufactured by CAS, is the central device for displaying measurements and controlling the functions of the scale. It interacts with the operator and provides weight information through the display and keyboard. The weighing indicator can also have various functions such as counting and summing weights, setting units of measurement and communication protocols.

2) Connecting cables: The Scale usually uses an armored connecting signal cable to transfer data from the weighing platform to the weighing indicator. This cable provides reliable communication and protects against interference and external influences.

3) Connection terminal box: The terminal box allows you to connect the signals from each of the four load cells into a single signal, which is then fed to the weight indicator. This simplifies the connection process and ensures a reliable connection between weighing system components. The terminal box usually has separate terminals or adjusting elements resistors-potentiometers for each of the strain gauges. This allows the signals of each load cell to be adjusted to compensate for possible differences in their output signals. This setting provides more accurate and reliable weight measurements. The terminal box facilitates service and maintenance of the weighing system. When it is necessary to replace or repair strain gauges or wires, the junction box allows easy access to the connections and wires to perform the corresponding work.

4) Load cells: Load cells are the key components of the Scale platform scale. They are installed under the weighing platform and are responsible for measuring the deformation caused by the weight of the load. Load cells convert this deformation into an electrical signal, which is then processed by a weight indicator to determine the exact weight.

5) Power bearings: Power bearings, also known as swivel bearings, play an important role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of weighbridge measurements. The legs of the load cells serve as the main points of support for the weighing platform and allow you to properly distribute the weight of the load on the sensors. This is especially important since each load cell is responsible for measuring a specific part of the load. Equal distribution of the load on each load cell provides balance and prevents uneven pressure on the load cells, which affects the accuracy of measurements. In addition, force-transmitting bearings are able to absorb and moderate impacts such as vibrations, shocks or floor unevenness. This is important because these influences can lead to incorrect or inaccurate weighing results. Supports help to minimize the influence of these external factors, providing more stable and reliable measurements.

It is important to note that deformed or damaged feet, or missing feet, can significantly affect the accuracy of a platform scale. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of the load bearing supports are important measures to ensure accurate measurements and reliable operation of the weighing system.

the accuracy of platform scale readings directly depends on the condition and performance of all components. All components, including force-transmitting supports, load cells, junction box, weight indicator and other elements, must be intact, undamaged and in good condition.

Damage or defects in any of the components can lead to incorrect weighing results and reduced measurement accuracy. For example, damaged power bearings can cause uneven load distribution on load cells, resulting in inaccurate scale readings.

Therefore, regular maintenance and checking of all components are important aspects to ensure the correct operation of the balance and achieve high measurement accuracy. If you notice any damage, defects or malfunctions in the components, it is recommended that you contact the scale repair specialists for their replacement or repair.

Maintaining all components in good condition will help ensure the reliability, durability and accuracy of the Scale SKP platform scales with the SKI12 terminal.

The company "Vesov Repair" is ready to offer professional diagnostics and repair of Scale SKP platform scales with the SKI12 terminal on site. Our experienced and competent technician will do everything possible to restore your scales to working order and repair any damage. Contact us today to book a technician visit and receive the highest quality service for your scales.

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