Scale calibration at ELKON concrete plant

Scale calibration at ELKON concrete plant
4 May, 2023

The ELKON Quick Master 60 concrete batching plant is a stationary concrete batching plant designed for the production of concrete on construction sites. It can produce up to 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour, making it the ideal choice for large projects. ELKON concrete batching plant has a compact structure and is easy to install on the construction site. It consists of several modules that can be quickly assembled and disassembled if necessary.

ELKON Quick Master 60 has a high-precision dosing system that ensures the exact ratio of concrete components. It is also equipped with an automatic control system that makes it easy to control the concrete production process and make adjustments in real time.

The ELKON Quick Master 60 concrete batching plant is a reliable and efficient equipment that can be used on construction sites of various sizes. It can be configured to produce a variety of concrete types, including high strength mixes and special mixes for specific service conditions.

Calibration of scales in concrete plants Elkon Quick Master 60 is an important step to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the concrete production process. The company "Remont Vese" is ready to offer its service of providing weights for rent for calibration of both new concrete plants Elkon Quick Master 60, and during the period of operation for regular prevention and maintenance of weighing bins.

Concrete Production Accuracy and Efficiency:

In the production of concrete, each component must be precisely dosed to achieve the required proportions and quality of the concrete mix. Elkon Quick Master 60 concrete batching plants, as high-capacity stationary plants, require regular scale calibration to ensure accuracy and production efficiency.

Calibration of New Concrete Batching Plants: When a new Elkon Quick Master 60 concrete batching plant is put into operation, weighing systems must be calibrated to achieve measurement accuracy. Scale Repair provides weights that meet weight standards on loan to ensure accurate calibration of new equipment. Regular Prevention and Maintenance: To ensure the long-term performance of Elkon Quick Master 60 Concrete Batching Plants, it is recommended that the weigh hoppers be periodically calibrated. "Repair Scales" offers a weight rental service to ensure accurate and reliable measurements of the weight of concrete components during the operational period.

Professional service and advice: The Scale Repair team consists of experienced professionals who are ready to provide professional service and advice on the calibration of the scales of the Elkon Quick Master 60 concrete batching plant. We guarantee the correct installation and configuration

Calibration of scales in a concrete plant is an important procedure, since the accuracy of measuring the weight of materials is a key factor for the production of high-quality concrete. Here are some reasons why it is necessary to calibrate scales in a concrete plant:

- Dosing Accuracy: The scale is used to measure the exact amount of different materials such as cement, sand, gravel and water that make up the concrete mix. Incorrect sizing can lead to incorrect component proportions and therefore poor quality concrete. Scale calibration helps ensure dosing accuracy and consistency with the required mix proportions.

-Saving materials: Calibration of the scale helps prevent waste of materials, which can be costly and undesirable in terms of economics and production efficiency. Accurate weighing measurements optimize the use of materials, reducing wastage and waste.

- Compliance with norms and standards: Concrete production often requires compliance with certain norms and quality standards. Scale calibration helps ensure compliance with requirements such as strength, density, and other concrete characteristics specified by regulations or the customer.

-Safety Guarantee: Incorrect calibration of the balance can lead to erroneous measurements, which can be a safety hazard on the production site. Accurate measurements of scales help prevent possible production accidents and ensure the safety of personnel.

In general, scale calibration in a concrete plant is an essential part of maintaining the quality and efficiency of concrete production. It ensures measurement accuracy, compliance with regulations and standards, material savings and safety in the workplace.

Scale calibration is a very important process that ensures measurement accuracy and prevents potential production errors. The ELKON Quick Master 60 concrete batching plant has four hopper weights, each of which requires calibration to ensure measurement accuracy.

- The first scales used for inert materials require calibration with 500 kg weights with accuracy class M1. For the convenience of moving and calibrating the scales, 25 weights of 20 kg are used.

- The second scale for cement is calibrated with 200 kg weights with accuracy class M1. This ensures that the measurement accuracy will meet the requirements of the production.

- The third scale is used for weighing water and is calibrated with weights of accuracy class M1 weighing 80 kg, as recommended by the factory.

-The fourth scale is used for weighing chemical additives and is calibrated with 10 kg weights. It is recommended to use a set of weights of 1 kg and 2 kg for uniform placement on the balance.

All scales at the ELKON Quick Master 60 concrete plant are designed on cantilever, beam type load cells marked ELKON SQB 2T, 1T, 500KG and 300KG. Therefore, weights of the appropriate accuracy class are required to calibrate the balance.

Our company "Repair of scales" offers services for the provision of weights for the calibration of concrete plants of the Turkish manufacturer Elkon Quick Master 60. We offer calibration of scales using weights with accuracy class M1, which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. We are also ready to help with setting up the scales and provide a full range of services for the repair and maintenance of weighing equipment.

Reliability and accuracy of measuring weights at a concrete plant is the key to successful and trouble-free production. Contact our company for quality scale calibration services for your Elkon Quick Master 60 concrete batching plant.

Calibration of weighing systems is an integral part of ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the concrete production process at Elkon concrete plants. Weigh Repair is proud to provide weighing calibration services for a wide range of Elkon concrete batching plants, including the Elkon Quick Master 35, Elkon Quick Master 60, Elkon Quick Master 90, Elkon Quick Master 120, Elkon Quick Master 135 and Elkon Quick Master 200 We are committed to providing reliable and accurate weighing on all models to help you achieve optimal results in your production.

Maximum precision and efficiency in concrete production:

Our Weigh Calibration Specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide range of Elkon concrete batching plants. We understand that each model has its own unique characteristics and calibration requirements. Our goal is to ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency in the weighing of concrete mix components in your Elkon concrete plant.

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