Duplicate scoreboard

Duplicate board for weight terminals, indicators, converters.

Duplicate boards for scales and weight indicators: versatility and a wide range of applications

Duplicate boards are an important component of a system of scales and weight indicators designed for various tasks. They allow duplication of weight readings and provide convenience for operators and users.

One of the applications of redundant scoreboards is their use in truck scale systems. Truck drivers can see the exact weight of their vehicle on a redundant display to help them control loading and comply with safety and reloading requirements.

Duplicate boards are also widely used in public catering, cafes and canteens. They duplicate weight readings for visitors, allowing them to control portion sizes or food weight calculations. This is especially useful in the field of food service, where the accuracy and reliability of weighing measurements are essential.

Pawnshops and jewelers can also take advantage of duplicate displays. Weight is a key factor in jewelry appraisal, and redundant displays allow operators and customers to see weight readings at the same time, providing transparency and confidence in the appraisal process.

There are different types of duplicate scoreboards with different firmware and support from different scale manufacturers. Some duplicating boards work with weight converters and terminals produced by CAS, Scale SKI12. Others can be used with current loop or RS232 interface. Some duplicate boards can load protocols from different manufacturers with RS232 interface, such as Axis SE-01/N/LCD, CAS AD-H, CAS CI-2001A, CAS CI-200A, CAS CI-5010A, CAS CI-6000A, CAS HB-75 DIGI DI-30 HBM WE2110 KELI D2008FA KELI DPM KELI XK3118K5 KELI XK3118T1 SARTORIUS PR 1720 200 Zemic YHL , Avitek +, IT-2V-4, ASI PV22, Scales SOFT, Scales AUTO ZVO, VKA, China XK315A1, MASS-K VK, MASS-K A (RUEW), MASS-K RA, MEASURE MW, MEASURE MERAAUTO, METRA M0601-BM, METRA M0601-BM-2, MIDL MI VDA/12YA, MIDL MI VDA/12YAS, Neva scales NVT-1N, Neva scales NVT-9, TENZO-M TV-003/05D, TENZO-M TV-003 /05N, TENZO-M TV-003P, TENZO-M TV-015ND, TENZO-M TV-018, TENZO-M TTs-017, TOKVES DT-50, TOKVES SH-20, TOKVES SH-50, TOKVES WCA-1A , TOKVES WLM-100, URALVES KSK18A, PhysTech T-9, YuUVZ KV-007KM(VER.1) and many others.

One of the advantages of duplicate scoreboards is their versatility. They are compatible with different manufacturers of scales and are suitable for various tasks, which makes them in demand in various industries such as transport and logistics, catering, jewelry workshops, pawnshops and others. When choosing a duplicate board for your organization, pay attention to its functionality, compatibility with weighing indicators and scale manufacturers, as well as connection interfaces. Make sure it meets your specific needs and requirements. As a result, the use of redundant scoreboards provides accurate and reliable weight readings, as well as convenience for operators and users. Regardless of the industry you are in, duplicate signage can greatly improve the efficiency and reliability of your operation. Remember that selecting the correct duplicate board and setting it up must be done by experienced technicians to ensure proper operation and compatibility with your weighing systems.

If you have any questions or need advice on the selection and installation of a duplicate board, our organization is ready to provide you with support and recommendations.

In conclusion, duplicate scoreboards are an essential component of weighing systems, providing accurate weight readings and ease of use. Due to the wide range of applications and the ability to work with various manufacturers of scales, they become an indispensable tool in many industries. You must carefully select and install a redundant scoreboard to meet your requirements and ensure reliable and accurate measurements.

If you have additional questions or need more detailed information, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you with your duplicate scoreboard and weighing system needs.

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